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Locating Military Personnel - Be Your Own Detective
Military Locator   Search either by accessing free public records online (when available) or by requesting a copy from the agency holding it, usually for a small fee. Consult Public Records

Order a People Search. Experienced database search specialists will immediately go to work for you, to quickly return real, meaningful results. See our Sample Report

Locating someone who is presently serving or was once connected to the military can present entirely different search problems and possibilities from other types of locates because the several service branches function independently of each other within the Department of Defense.

To locate a member who is retired or an individual who is on active duty, first determine which service branch will most likely have the information you need.  Each branch has a locator service that will either forward a letter for you or provide you with the member's current assignment station, possibly even a work phone number, home address, and home phone number. To forward a letter, address it and enclose it in another envelope addressed to the base locator. Provide the following information regarding the individual you wish to locate:
  • Full name & DOB (an estimate will do)
  • Rank (officer or enlisted?)
  • Sex
  • SSN
  • Last known address
  • Date entered service
The National Archives & Records Administration

National Personnel Records Center

Military Personnel Records

All US Armed Forces
Link to all Sites

Locating Veterans and Service Members

Location of Navy Personnel Records

Location of Marine Corps  Personnel Records

Location of Coast Guard  Personal Records

Location of Army Military Personnel Records

Military Service Records and Official Military Personnel Files (OMPFs, DD Form 214)

Merchant Marines

Civil Service Commission
Office of Personnel Management -Employee's Records Center

Military Times Online

VFW National Headquarters

American Red Cross

This dedicated organization will help you locate an active member of the U.S. Armed Forces for emergency purposes through Red Cross offices located at each military installation.

To find a local American Red Cross:
Military Dependents: Overseas High Schools  

Overseas Brats

Military Brats
Overseas Brats On-line

American Overseas Schools Historical Society - AOSHS
Investigative Professionals Background Checks Investigative Professionals Background Checks
Our Search Experts tap connections to a far-reaching network of massive databases to run background checks and criminal history reports. Our staff will immediately go to work for you, to quickly return real, meaningful results. Search results are regularly returned within hours. See ALL Background Checks

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